The IDB Intrafund is a fast-disbursing fund for preparation of climate resilient and sustainable infrastructure projects. The Inter-American Development Bank is recognizing the lack of funding for project financing and preparation as a major bottleneck for the much-needed scaling up of infrastructure investment in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

In order to help plug this gap, the IDB has created the Infrastructure Fund (InfraFund). The InfraFund is dedicated to assisting public, private and mixed-capital entities in LAC in the identification, development and preparation of bankable and sustainable infrastructure projects that have the potential of reaching financial closure. The InfraFund, which is administered by the IDB, is open to funding from other donors, including governments and state and multilateral agencies as well as private concerns interested in investing in the infrastructure sector in LAC. The resources of the InfraFund can be used to hire specialized consulting services, purchase goods necessary to carry out studies, and conduct other specialized activities directed to preparing new infrastructure projects for financing.

Further information on the fund can be found here.