Huge jump in cities sharing their data with CDP: 533 in 2016

Thursday August 4th2016


CDP announces a big rise in the number of cities sharing climate data since the Paris Agreement was adopted. A record number of cities are now measuring and disclosing environmental data on an annual basis in order to manage emissions, build resilience, and protect themselves from the growing impacts of climate change.


533 cities globally representing 621 million citizens reported the actions they’re taking on climate to the non-profit CDP this year, a rise of 70% from 2015.


So far the story has been picked up by Reuters, Yahoo, Business Insider and the Daily Mail.


Here is the press release.


It’s a positive sign that more cities around the world are taking climate change seriously, and using this opportunity to share information about how they are tackling it through CDP’s global disclosure platform.


Key points are:





In other regions:







You can see the full list of participating cities here. The asterisk next to a city’s name denotes that it’s a first-time participant.


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Please tweet at any of the cities you see on this list who participated for the first time as we’d like to give them additional recognition. Sample tweet for a new city:


Congratulations to [INSERT CITY] for joining over 500 global cities reporting climate data to @CDP #CDPcities


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