In 2017, CCFLA is committing in greater cooperation to analyze and scale-up promising solutions to promote a low carbon future.


Many challenges still need to be addressed to encourage climate-smart investments, empower cities and integrate the local dimension in the transition of the global financial ecosystem. In 2017, the cooperation of CCFLA members will therefore be crucial to enable the alliance to act as one through an effective cooperation.


As a first step towards the implementation of a Global Campaign to localize Climate Finance, the CCFLA plans to extend the 2016 Scoping report mapping CCFLA members’ activities aiming at providing a tool to accelerate climate-smart investments.


At the same time, a consortium of CCFLA members has committed to support project preparation by analyzing the current short-comings and opportunities presented by urban infrastructure project preparation programs and facilities. Moreover, the Research and Knowledge Working Group will engage in the 2017 edition of the « State of Cities Climate Finance » (qualitative and quantitative analysis of Climate Finance initiatives, integration via collaboration with national governments). Other activities will include to convene CCFLA members to explore Derisking facitlities and instruments for local investments and set up regular informal meetings amongst Innovation Labs on climate finance to share knowledge and accelerate replication.


For more information, please contact the CCFLA Secretariat :