On July 12th, FMDV and UN-Environment, as co-coordinator of CCFLA Secretariat, hosted a workshop in Paris gathering CCFLA members and key partners to discuss CCFLA products and strategy to address the climate project preparation gap for cities and regions. The meeting led to the definition of a joint agenda for COP 23.

The meeting held at UN-Environment office in Paris gathered a great diversity of CCFLA members including AFD, CCAC, CDP, GIB, GIZ, ICLEI and LTIIA to discuss the CCFLA deliverables and strategy towards COP 23. Interested in joining the efforts for supporting Local Governments contributions in implementing the Paris agreement and the Sustainable Development goals, new comers like the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF), the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM), the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa and UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) actively contributed to the debate.

The preliminary results of the CCFLA Mapping of members initiatives on local and subnational climate finance were presented by FMDV showcasing the wide range of financial and non-financial solutions that are being developed by CCFLA members (technical assistance – for resilient infrastructure planning; resilience and sustainability guidelines and certifications for market integration; ESG assessment tools; Project preparation funds and services along the early stage project preparation phases etc.) to support local and subnational climate project preparation.

The CCFLA Mapping Report is a flagship publication of CCFLA which presents an overview of the complementary solutions CCFLA members are providing along the value chain of finance to support local and regional leaders to develop resilient projects and sustainable infrastructure that align local needs and capacities with responsible investors investments’ criteria addressing therefore the issue of bankability of local projects and demonstrating the feasibility of the projects and innovative risks and returns models.

The CCFLA will release the second edition of the Mapping at COP 23 during a dedicated UNFCCC side-event with some key recommendations on the performance of subnational-level project preparation support facilities and initiatives while working on a high level political buy-in at a time were national and subnational governments strategies for funding and financing climate actions have no choice but to align.

As a response, CCFLA is accelerating key strategic partnerships (SIF, NDC Partnership) to encourage convergence between global, national, regional and local efforts in financing climate actions.  Towards COP 23, CCFLA have ensured, in conjunction with the other coalitions of the theme “Human Settlements” of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MP-GCA), that financing is integrated as a transversal element of the exchanges.

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