Agadir hosted the second Climate Chance Summit on September 11th to 13th. Engaged in Climate Chance as a contributor on localizing Climate Finance for local governments and urban development, FMDV representatives co-hosting CCFLA Secretariat and the Vice-President of the city of Nouakchott, Mauritania, highlighted the role of an Alliance such as CCFLA to support “localizing finance”.  


Thematic Plenary Session : Access of non-state actors to climate finance

This plenary discussed the progress made in accessing climate financing by non-state actors as well as in aligning economic flows with a 2°C trajectory. FMDV as representative of the Finance Coalition of Climate Chance introduced recommendations concerning the localization of climate finance, presenting the bridges with CCFLA main recommendations, and discussed this topic with local elected representatives from South and North countries, other municipal authorities’ networks, academics, NGOs, international funds and donors, public finance funds and private ones.

To conclude the session, as a FMDV representative, Mr Cheikh Thiam, Vice-President of Nouakchott, outlined the need to support the preparation of climate strategies and projects at the local level and highlighted the role of an Alliance such as CCFLA to support “localizing finance”. 


Thematic Plenary Session: African cities facing climate change challenges

Gathering a group of African elected representatives, the plenary session ended on the adoption of the African local elected representatives’ Declaration inviting elected representatives of the continent most affected by climate change.

Representing FMDV and CCFLA, Mr Cheikh Thiam, Vice-President of Nouakchott, invited his counterparts and local public action’s partners “to launch a climate finance revolution at all public action levels via a transformation of African public administrations in financial and project engineering”. The Vice-President also invited public and private, institutional and community-based investors to follow the path set out in the Marrakech Road Map for Action, including the Climate finance localization, and he outlined the importance of the CCFLA Alliance as a space to catalyse cooperation for impact.


Forum Finance : Collaborate to strengthen localizing finance – The Finance Climate Solutions

As the Finance coalition’s annual meeting, the Forum is a time open to dialogue in order to establish the qualitative assessment of local climate actions financing that are developed by and for non-state actors. This dialogue was conducted in a participatory manner, and in conjunction with the Climate Chance sectoral coalitions (water, buildings, ocean …). This forum was the opportunity to present the preliminary findings of the 2017 Mapping of CCFLA’s members Local and Subnational Climate Finance Initiatives that will be delivered at COP 23.

The key recommendations stressed out during this Forum are the following:

1 / The importance to coordinate and implement mapping and inventory activities, concerning climate flows for local level at different scales, as well as identifying the qualitative diversity of financial models, sources of funding and support for capacity building available for the local level;

2 / The need to relocate finance through local partnerships in order to promote blended resources, including solidarity finance, and integrating the gender approach;

3 / The importance to make the appropriation of tools, engineering and funds viable at local level then to capitalize for a better redistribution of wealth at local level

4 / The need to strengthen a local expertise market in capacity of supporting local actors, especially local intermediaries.


High Level Dialogue – Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action (MP-GCA)

As CCFLA co-secretary, FMDV presented CCFLA contribution, advocating to address the funding issue as a crosswise challenge included in all the GCA thematic priorities. FMDV invited non-state actors who are not represented yet within this unique platform of exchanges with the Champions to get involved into it. FMDV also suggested to the GCA secretariat to find ways of supporting the coalitions in the structuration of their exchanges and discussions in order to ensure multilateralism and coherence in each of their recommendations and advocacy. Finally, FMDV advocated for the coincidence of the GCA coalitions and the Climate Chance ones.


To view the Climate Chance declaration, adopted during the closing plenary of the summit, click here.