The CCFLA will be releasing a brand-new Knowledge product to support the coordination of CCFLA members activities along the project cycle, establish transactional track records and share lessons learned on tools and approaches to be discussed during the second edition of the Project Preparation Practitioners’ Forum in Berlin on November 30.

Production of the 2018 Knowledge product of CCFLA on Project Preparation and Operation

Building on the main findings of the first CCFLA Report “Summary of Good Practice of Successful Project Preparation” released early 2018, as well as CCFLA Mapping of CCFLA members activities, the second edition of the Knowledge Product on Project Preparation of CCFLA will aggregate findings on successful tools and synergy of approaches among CCFLA members and their complementary application for the acceleration of climate-smart investments in urban territories.

Entitled “CCFLA Member Mapping: Synergies, Overlaps and Gaps along the project financing value chain”, the 2018 edition of the Report seeks to increase the coordination between tools and support offered by members of the CCFLA for actors in the private and the public sector within the value chain of the whole project cycle; and overcome the constraints and the absence of transactional track records to establish lessons learned and success factors.

The Knowledge product will be launched and presented during the CCFLA Project Preparation Practitioners’ Forum to be held in Berlin on November 30th.

2nd edition of the Subnational Project Preparation Practitioners’ Forum

Leveraging on the success of the first ever subnational Project Preparation Forum held at COP 23, the 2018 edition of the Subnational Project Preparation Practitioners’ Forum will take place in Berlin on November 30, 2018 in association with the CFF Factory event.

This Forum will provide a space for CCFLA members and their partners to identify solutions and develop mechanisms enabling continued dialogue among project cycle practitioners from the public and private sector, as well as exploring approaches to develop investable climate projects at the subnational level.

The agenda can be found below. Participation is free but space is limited to practitioners and members of the CCFLA Community. Should you have any questions or require information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email:

Organized by C40, FMDV, GIZ and ICLEI, the Forum will serve as a preparation for strategic events following the forum (. e.g. COP24, ICCA 2019).

1910118_CCFLA Project Practitioners Forum Agenda