Member Spotlight, September 2020

Member’s Name: Wadzi Katsidzira
Organization: Global Development Incubator
Organization Type: Non-governmental organization
At Global Development Incubator, Wadzi works on multi-stakeholder initiatives in financing and system change in sectors including infrastructure, SME development, modern slavery and education. She currently manages the day to day design and implementation of the Cities Investment Advisory Platform.
Tell us about your organization and its goals.

Global Development Incubator (GDI) builds multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships to address the most pressing development challenges in the world. The organisation is non-profit and has a global mandate, with core offices in the United States, Kenya and China. Since its inception, GDI has incubated over 35 initiatives operating globally across a range of development sectors.


What activities/initiatives related to cities climate finance are you currently engaged in or planning?

The Cities Investment Advisory Platform (CIAP) is an innovative financing initiative delivered as a partnership between  UN-Habitat and Global Development Incubator. CIAP aims to improve the quality of life and access to services for urban communities through increasing the pace and quality of sustainable urban development in these cities. CIAP complements existing investment facilities and market making services by looking at enhancing early stage design and origination.

How can other Alliance members learn about your work and cooperate with you?

To learn more about the Cities Investment Advisory Platform, please visit: To collaborate, reach out to


How do you stay informed about city-level climate finance and related subjects?

Continuously engaging with practitioners through one on one conversations, and in this time, attending the significant number of webinars on climate finance, sustainable development and related topics.

Wadzi recently moderated a webinar on ‘Achieving Investor-Ready Sustainable City Projects’. Click here or on the image to view the webinar on Youtube.

What does Global Development Incubator expect to gain from the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance?

Meeting and building working relationships with like-minded organisations. Our objective with CIAP is to increase the pipeline of bankable sustainable development projects in developing cities.


What does Global development Incubator expect to bring to the Alliance?

We are looking forward to co-chairing the Financing Toolbox Action Group!


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