Urban20 (U20) is a city diplomacy initiative that brings together cities from G20 member states, plus observer cities from non-G20 states, to discuss and form a common position on important urban issues, including climate action, social inclusion and integration, and sustainable economic growth. Meetings and discussions culminate in a final Communique through which the U20 issues recommendations to G20 Heads of Government.

U20 members are primarily Mayors and their designated Sherpas from G20 cities, in addition to invited representatives of non-G20 cities. Addressing the world’s pressing urban issues requires widespread collaboration, though, so the U20 also engages select partner organizations in its efforts. The goal of the U20 is to provide G20 leaders with policy recommendations for addressing urban challenges. To ensure solid, evidence-based recommendations are shared, the U20 uses a structured taskforce approach. Each of three taskforces focuses on a U20 priority area agreed on by the collective U20 body and consists of city representatives as well as knowledgeable partner organizations.

The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance is participating as a knowledge partner in the U20, and has recently contributed to a whitepaper on Efficiency and Diversification: A Framework for Sustainably Transitition to a Carbon-neutral Economy.

This and all of the white papers are available to download in the U20 knowledge hub here.