MobiliseYourCity member cities and countries across the world are taking action and demonstrating their commitment to transforming transport. On 25th June 2021, experts, practitioners, financing institutions and decision-makers will come together during the MobiliseYourCity Global Forum to provide answers to key challenges faced by cities on the way to sustainable mobility. They will discuss new opportunities for collaboration and some of the sector’s most important issues as MobiliseYourCity steps up its efforts to shape low-carbon mobility systems that contribute to efficient, safe and just cities.

The conference part of the day will be opened by a panel with high-level representatives of the governments of Germany, France and the EU discussing how the lessons of five years of successful implementation can be rapidly scaled to meet the global challenges of the moment. Speakers from around the world will then address topics ranging from financing sustainable urban mobility to using digital technologies to ensure a sustainable and just transition in urban mobility or accompanying institutional change beyond infrastructure development in roundtables and further panel discussions.

CPI’s Global Managing Director, Dr. Barbara Buchner will moderate a panel discussion on ‘Mobility Planning to Mobilise Finance’. During this session, leading international financial institutions will discuss the linkages between mobility planning and financing for sustainable urban mobility. In particular, they will consider how strategic planning can help to leverage resources for a sectoral transformation?

About the Transport and Climate Change Week

The Transport Week 2021 will connect the transport community around the globe with an engaging, interactive and thematically attractive programme that opens the door for active participation despite COVID-19 travel restrictions around the world. Since it was first held in 2017, the Transport and Climate Change Week has established as a successful format that enables dialogue, cooperation and exchange between developing countries and growing economies.