The Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA) was launched at the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Summit in September 2014. It is a coalition of more than forty organizations actively working to catalyze and accelerate investment into low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure in cities and urban areas.

The Alliance brings together a diverse group of public and private institutions that do not usually work together. It facilitates collaboration that reinforces and expands the impact of members’ own activities to achieve macro-scale solutions for mobilizing investment in low-carbon, climate resilient urban infrastructure.

Alliance members include public and private finance institutions, governments, United Nations and technical support agencies, city and subnational networks and associations, research and other non-governmental organisations and philanthropic foundations. Members communicate frequently and share the information needed to progress the mission. The Alliance is based on open, honest, and trusting relationships between its members and considers the differences among members as a strength to be used strategically.

The Alliance adds value by leveraging the work, knowledge, and expertise of its members, designing its work priorities to be catalytic, to fill gaps and avoid duplication. Its core value propositions include: Advocacy and raising visibility; Scaling-up successful financial products; Growing pipelines of bankable projects; Creating enabling environments; Catalyzing and brokering partnerships; and coordinating and manage research & knowledge

The Alliance is coordinated through the work of a Steering Committee, a Secretariat and a range of Working Groups made up of Alliance members. For further information about the CCFLA please contact us.

Please download this flyer for information about how to become a member.