Action Groups

Action Groups are a set of Alliance members that work together to achieve pre-agreed goals in a specified timeframe in the area of city-level climate-related finance . They are designed to strengthen members activities and to advance a specific area with action-oriented goals.

Members and the Alliance Secretariat may suggest the creation of an Action Group. All members are invited to join and contribute.

Action Group activities include:

  • Regular webinars
  • Development of tools & templates
  • Investor sounding
  • Annual practitioner forums
  • Publications & reports

Current Action Groups:

Project Preparation Action Group

This action group aims to support the Alliance members in identifying, coordinating and accelerating existing Project Preparation Facilities.

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Financial Toolbox Action Group

This action group helps bridge supply and demand for sub-national climate finance by collaboratively advancing financial tools to scale investment for cities.

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Enabling Frameworks Action Group

This action group seeks to strengthen national legal, regulatory, and policy frameworks that can boost climate finance for cities.

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Former Action Groups include:

Innovation Labs Action Group