The CCFLA mission is to catalyze and accelerate additional capital flows to cities, maximize investment in low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure, and close the investment gap in urban areas over the next fifteen years.

The CCFLA delivers its mission through collective and coordinated action by a coalition of key actors – working on both the supply and demand side – to catalyze and accelerate the scale and pace of investment flowing into low-carbon and climate-resilient urban development.

It is pursuing this through facilitating and engaging in collaborations that reinforce and expand the impact of member’s activities, through sharing information, identifying synergies, coordinating activities (both implementation programs and thought leadership fora) and by aligning individual efforts. To achieve this, the Alliance is pursuing three main outcomes:

Increasing visibility: Highlighting the current flows and existing city climate finance “investment gap” – namely the gap between current level of investment in low-carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure and that which is required to avert dangerous levels of climate change (i.e. beyond 2oC global temperature rise).

The Alliance can maximize global attention to this issue and stimulate additional investments, by increasing visibility and highlighting the city climate finance investment gap through: multi-stakeholder dialogues with leading members of the international investment community; coordinated communications campaigns; publishing the annual State of the City Climate Finance report and demonstrating the connection of the proposed investments to the goals of the UN Secretary-General.

Increasing capacity: Identifying barriers and promoting solutions (such as policy conditions, institutional arrangements, new skills and knowledge) necessary to facilitate additional large-scale capital flows of investment into climate resilient and low-emissions infrastructure.

The Alliance can help build capacity and enable cities to become “investment ready” by increasing the capacity of cities and regions to raise and receive investment through facilitating collaborations between support organisations and cities to deliver trainings (e.g. via creditworthiness academies, green city bond schools) and make public tools and knowledge products for cities to access.

Increasing supply: Identifying and mobilizing existing and innovative new models of public and private investments in configurations that are scalable and replicable. By working with supply-side actors (public and private investors) through multi-stakeholder dialogues; roundtables and meetings to stimulate new investments, the Alliance will help to increase the overall scale and volume of investment flowing into climate resilient and low-emissions infrastructure.