Transport Readiness for Climate Finance

This WRI paper, written by Dr. Benoit Lefevre and David Leipziger, highlights the existing funds and opportunities, to provide a clear understanding on how to have access to these climate finance flows, and to catalogue what is needed in terms of performance tracking....

Guide to Municipal Finance

This Guide to Municipal Financing, produced by UN-Habitat, explains the challenges municipalities face in covering expenditures and lists IMF data and OECD data on municipal expenditures.

Financing Local Responses to Climate Change

This report, jointly produced by UNEP, UNCDF, and UNDP establishes framework for shaping and financing responses to climate change at the local level, including four pillars of local climate finance.

R20’s New Smart Cities Program

In October 2015, R20 Regions of Climate Action announced its Smart Cities Program, for which the R20 team is working with city representatives to conduct an inventory of current practices that point to potential avenues of collaboration. R20 has created a Smart City...