Enabling Frameworks Action Group

The Enabling Frameworks Action Group was launched in January 2020. The group seeks to strengthen national legal, regulatory, and policy frameworks that can boost climate finance for cities.


The Enabling Frameworks Action Group is led by the following organizations:



Spotlight on: National Development Banks (NDBs)

Leveraging National Development Banks to Enhance Financing for Climate-Smart Urban Infrastructure
March 2021

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Policy Brief for NDBs
Policy Brief for City Officials
Policy Brief for IFIs
Policy Brief for National Ministries
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Following up on our August 2020 policy brief (see below), this knowledge product identifies the factors that must be in place to enable NDBs to effectively support subnational governments with the development of climate-smart infrastructure and in achieving their climate objectives. This includes an evaluation of the demand side of green urban infrastructure financing, including hard and soft barriers for cities to access finance from NDBs, and the supply side barriers and opportunities that NDBs face in financing green urban infrastructure. Based on first-hand interviews with NDBs and cities, the result is a conceptual model of 12 maturity dimensions along four parameters – strategic, financial, business, and operational, which are explored and backed up with case studies. A maturity model for cities is also presented. The main knowledge product is accompanied by four targeted policy briefs for city officials, NDBs, IFIs, and National Government Ministries, including recommendations for each stakeholder group.

Policy Brief: Enhancing the Role of National Development Banks in Supporting Climate-Smart Urban Infrastructure
August 2020

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National Development Banks (NDBs) are generally well positioned to support climate-smart urban infrastructure investments, and to address larger systemic challenges facing cities in their efforts to contribute to the Paris Agreement goals as well as broader development objectives. This paper focuses specifically on enhancing the role that National Development Banks play in supporting the acceleration of climate-smart urban infrastructure investment. With more than USD 5 trillion in assets and several comparative advantages relative to other financiers, NDBs are well-positioned to lead this shift. However, maximizing their potential will require strengthening the enabling environments of urban institutions, as well as making some strategic adjustments at the NDB institutional and financing levels.

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Membership of the Enabling Frameworks Action Group is open to all members of the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance.

Please contact the Secretariat if you are interested in joining: secretariat@citiesclimatefinance.org.