CDP Matchmaker works with cities to highlight projects in flood control, waste management, sustainable transportation, renewable energy, water management, energy efficiency, and other areas and links them to the investment community. CDP Matchmaker serves as an important clearinghouse to provide cities with a streamlined pathway to showcase planned projects to the finance sector and better position them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change, and make communities more resilient and socially equitable.

Assistance Criteria

CDP Matchmaker supports sustainable infrastructure projects that are socially equitable by highlighting them to potential investors. Projects may include stormwater management, urban tree canopy, green space, renewable energy, building retrofits, transportation, and other types of projects that support your city’s emission reduction, climate adaptation, and resilience goals. Projects may be in any stage of project development and should be seeking financing. CDP Matchmaker does not connect projects to grant funding.



CDP Matchmaker supports projects by building the capacity of city government staff and by highlighting projects to the investment community. It does not provide direct financial support to projects.

Support Type

  • Technical Assistance


Project Stage

  • Local Government Capacity Building


  • Renewable Energy
  • Water, Sanitation, and Waste
  • Transportation/Mobility
  • Low Carbon Technology (ITC/Open Data)
  • Urban Public and Green Space
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Land Use and Nature-based Solutions
  • Adaptation and Resilience
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