Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


CDIA is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It works closely with secondary cities in Asia and the Pacific to address gaps in infrastructure development and financing. It uses a demand-driven approach to support infrastructure projects that emphasize poverty reduction, environmental improvement, climate change mitigation or adaptation, and good governance. To facilitate these initiatives at the city level, CDIA provides a range of international and domestic expertise that can include, among others, support for project preparation studies for high priority infrastructure investment projects.​

Assistance Criteria

To qualify for CDIA support, cities must have:

  • Prepared and adopted an urban development strategy and/or integrated urban development plan
  • A demonstrable intent to address social and environmental issues in infrastructure provisions
  • Demonstrated commitment of local government through pledging their own contributions
  • A letter from central/state level confirming in-principle support
  • Endorsement for the request from the downstream funding agency if appropriate



The typical amount of CDIA’s technical assistance to develop a Project Preparatory Study is USD 500,000.

Support Type

  • Technical Assistance


Project Stage

  • Local Government Capacity Building
  • Concept/design/scoping
  • Pre-feasibility
  • Feasibility


  • Water, Sanitation, and Waste
  • Transportation/Mobility
  • Urban Public and Green Space
  • Land Use and Nature-based Solutions
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