City Finance Lab

South Pole, Climate KIC, FMDV, CDP, and GIB


The City Finance Lab is a dedicated platform supporting the development of innovative, replicable and scalable financing solutions which increase investment in climate-resilient, low-carbon and green urban projects for sustainable cities.

Assistance Criteria

The City Finance Lab aims at:

  • Supporting financing innovations by bringing together leading city finance experts from public, private, and philanthropic organizations to develop and improve their ideas.
  • Stimulating the scaling up and replication of these innovative urban financing solutions.
  • Mobilizing public and private finance for the sustainable transitions of cities.



Between EUR 50,000 to 75,000 maximum.

Support Type

  • Technical Assistance


Project Stage

  • Local Government Capacity Building
  • Concept/design/scoping
  • Pre-feasibility
  • Feasibility


  • Renewable Energy
  • Water, Sanitation, and Waste
  • Transportation/Mobility
  • Low Carbon Technology (ITC/Open Data)
  • Urban Public and Green Space
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Land Use and Nature-based Solutions
  • Adaptation and Resilience
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