Project Preparation Special Fund

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)


Project Preparation Special Fund (PPSF) is a multidonor facility with the primary purpose of supporting eligible AIIB members (especially low-income members) prepare bankable infrastructure projects that AIIB may finance. PPSF grants can be used for preparatory activities during the preparation and early implementation periods of the project. More details, incliding answers to frequently asked questions are available in the PPSF Toolkit.

Assistance Criteria

The major criteria used to select projects are:

  1. Giving preference to members classified as eligible to receive financing from the International Development Association.
  2. Diversifying the Bank’s portfolio.
  3. Prioritizing projects that are aligned with AIIB’s thematic priorities of green infrastructure, connectivity and regional cooperation, technology-enabled infrastructure and private capital mobilization.
  4. Avoiding creating unfair competitive advantages to recipients of grants under the Fund.

More information is available in the PPSF Rules and Regulations.



USD 1-5 million

Support Type

  • Grants


Project Stage

  • Local Government Capacity Building
  • Concept/design/scoping
  • Feasibility


  • Renewable Energy
  • Water, Sanitation, and Waste
  • Transportation/Mobility
  • Low Carbon Technology (ITC/Open Data)
  • Urban Public and Green Space
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Land Use and Nature-based Solutions
  • Adaptation and Resilience
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