Membership of the Alliance is open to representatives from the following groups:

  • Local and regional governments
  • City and region networks
  • Public finance institutions
  • Private finance institutions
  • Research and academic institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Foundations and philanthropies
  • National government and international organizations

Why Join?

By taking part in the Alliance, members:

Demonstrate leadership and ambition: Alliance member institutions are recognized leaders in city-level climate finance and will increase the visibility of their efforts.

Accelerate NDC implementation and address investment barriers: Members work with stakeholders from the public and private sectors to enable development and financing of bankable projects for urban infrastructure. They participate in dialogues on policy design and financing instruments.

Exchange knowledge and best practices: Members will have access to best practices & tools related to financing instruments and policy design, and be aware of funding and technical assistance opportunities. Through the Alliance, members also meet their peers and build networks that allow for coordination and collaboration through in-person and virtual events.

Send a strong signal to the market: By making city-level climate finance a strategic priority, members signal to public and private investors from international and national financial institutions that climate friendly urban investments are an opportunity.

Member Roles

The Alliance Members commit to:

  • Promoting the mission, objectives, and work of the Alliance
  • Being actively involved in the activities of the Alliance
  • Contributing to the achievement of the Alliance’s strategy and outputs
  • Participating in regular information sharing calls and the annual assembly
  • Being listed as a member of the Alliance in public documents, presentations, and digital content

How to Join

Contact to learn if joining the Alliance is right for you, and start our brief application process.